Saturday, July 6, 2013

Las Vegas 7/5/13 - 7/7/13

Las Vegas 7/5-7/7

Glad to be here but also glad our time in Las Vegas is short this trip as the weather is quite hot. (High 113 deg and low 90 deg).
We started off with a trip to the ‘Diners, Dive-ins and Dives reviewed ‘Bachi Burger’.  Bob and Teri both agreed that they serve up the best burgers we have ever had.  It is a gourmet Asian-style burger joint.  Bob tried the Mr. Hoe’s Burger: Angus Beef, Pork, Garlic, Ginger, Sautéed Mushrooms, Lup Cheong Sausage, Mizuna Lettuce all on a  Taro Bun.  Teri enjoyed a Wagyu Burger and fries with Sea Salt and Pineapple Ketchup.  They even have a burger with eel.  We read that there are plans to open one in Los Angeles soon.  So if you are near there LA, check them out.
With the weather so hot we decided to find an indoor daytime activity.  We headed off to the local Natural History Museum.  It is a small local museum, but plenty interesting.  There was a huge room with taxidermy animals from all over the globe.  The amazing thing of this room is that it enabled you to stand in one place and really get a feel for the size differences of the various species. 

The museum's marine area included a live frog fish.  We first saw one of these while diving in Oahu.  It is still amazing to see how well they change colors to fit into the environment.  And they don't move much.....waiting instead for dinner to swim by them.
In the Egypt exhibit there was a mummy that you could run a machine over the top of and see the various CAT scan levels at various locations along the mummy.  Quite interesting.


 The Golden Throne found in the Ante Chamber was carved in wood and gilded in gold with numerous precious stones.  These stones make the mural on the back.  The mural depicts King Tut being anointed by his wife, Ankhesenamun. 
Lunch was a return to one of Bob and Teri's favorite Thai Restaurants in Las Vegas : Le Thai located, downtown on Freemont street. Pork Ga Pow and Chicken Pad Thai.  Both decided that we need to look up how to make Ga Pow.  Very Tasty.
We are off to a Cirque du Soleil show tonight with dinner at the Nine Fine Irishmen.
So far, the RV lifestyle is really agreeing with us. In the morning we head off to St. George Utah.


  1. I hope you were able to make it to Nine Fine Irishmen. That's one of my favorite joints in Vegas, although I've never ate anything from there.

  2. We did make it there and their food was great. Guessing you went for their entertainment. However,if you like that sort of food try the Rose and Crown restaurant in Newhall, doesn't look like much we realize, but their food is quite good.