Monday, December 23, 2013

Largo, FL 12/23/13

We visited Sun Coast Sea Bird Sanctuary, located in Indian Shores, FL. which has been in operation since 1971, and unfortunately they seem to be circling the drain, it seems, financially.  Too bad, as they have rescued a lot of birds.  While there were several caged areas with injured birds, so much of what we enjoyed were birds that come in and wander the area, knowing this is a safe refuge.  It was neat to see so many birds up close and personal.

 Black Vulture
Barred Owl
Snowy Egret
Willet (we found this guy on the adjoining beach)
Baby Brown Pelican (looks like something from a Dinosaur movie)
We called this guy, Failure to Launch.  Notice the mother Brown Pelican is still babying this guy who is so much older than the one directly above.
Double Crested Cormorant, what a noise they can make!
Great Blue Heron
Black Crowned Night Heron
We went to visit this huge light display.  The lines were crazy and we left.
Not sure, we may return prior to New Years.
Weather here is great.  Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
Bob and Teri


Monday, December 16, 2013

Largo, FL (our first post) 12/1/13 - 12/17/13.

Tonight we are having our first smoked turkey on the grill, via Bob.  Wow, very yum!

Because we are having such a good time here, we have extended our stay at our present location, here in Largo, FL until 2/6.  We are really enjoying this place (a Carefree resort).  Lots of exercise classes, shuffle board 2 X per week (hey don't laugh, good strategy and skill) as well as weekly meet and greets, get together events and social dinners too.  And that does not even touch upon the things we have not yet tried.  The place is at least 50 % Canadians, yet all are really friendly.  We are so busy, if we get out and about, it is only on a weekend days.

Our first adventure out of the campground was golf.  We walked 18 holes of an executive course and it was a lot of fun.

Next adventure was Fort De Soto in St. Petersburg, FL.  A whole lot of money was spent (demanded by the Tampa residents after the Spanish American war broke out).  They built this huge infrastructure, guns, living quarters.  Incredible money was spent.  All and all, armor was tested numerous times, but never actually used.  For those interested, a lot more detail (interesting) can be read at:

Our other adventure outside of the park in our first 2 weeks here in Largo, FL, is Honeymoon Island State park.  We hiked both the Osprey and the Pelican trail.  Wow!  So many birds to see.  It s a major breeding site for the Osprey.  It really was a wonderful day.

Some pictures from our recent adventures (on our weekends here in Largo FL) are below.

We hope to post again, prior to Christmas.

We are really enjoying all we are experiencing here in Largo, FL.

Fort De Soto Canon (with a range of 6.8 miles!)
We did not climb any canons :-)..De Soto SP
American Oyster Catcher (Fort De Soto SP)
Brown Pelican with baby (Fort De Soto SP)
Brown Pelican (Fort De Soto SP)
Brown Pelican (Fort De Soto SP)
Osprey with dinner (Honeymoon SP)
This guy looks like a type of heron, but we are not sure.
Beautiful just the same.(Honeymoon SP)
Bald Eagle (Teri's first sighting in the wild!, along ways off, which is why he is out of focus, but hey a first)
Honeymoon State Park
This Owl was beautiful!!  (Honeymoon SP)
On more picture of the owl.  His hoot was awesome to hear!
Seagull, ordinary, but hey he was posing!
Pilot Whales, Gulf of Mexico
Pilot Whale in the Gulf of Mexico
Wow so much to see!
Our first live Christmas tree in our rig!!! 


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Odessa, FL 11/24/13 - 12/1/13

This is a short post.  Sorry no pictures this time.  We spent a week in Odessa, FL at the Sand Dollar Golf resort.  What was so nice here was that the pro shop was just across the parking lot and we were able to drive the cart to our fifth wheel to load up the clubs. 

We had some rain while here, but still managed to get in 3 rounds of golf.  We went up to Port Richey, FL for Thanksgiving dinner where we had a nice dinner on the water, including lobster stuffed mushrooms....yum!

While here we also went to see the second Hunger Games movie in the D-Box.  (Bob and Teri both enjoyed reading all 3 of the hunger game books).  Anyway, the D-Box was an enjoyable experience, although probably best suited for high action chases.  For those that do not know about the D-Box, which is a movie simulator, check out this link:

We are off to Largo, FL.  We will be staying put in Largo for an entire month.  We do not anticipate near as much sight seeing, instead we will be trying out the snow bird stay put thing for a month.  We will still try to update prior to 1/1/14 when we are scheduled to depart.

Best to you and hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.