Monday, December 23, 2013

Largo, FL 12/23/13

We visited Sun Coast Sea Bird Sanctuary, located in Indian Shores, FL. which has been in operation since 1971, and unfortunately they seem to be circling the drain, it seems, financially.  Too bad, as they have rescued a lot of birds.  While there were several caged areas with injured birds, so much of what we enjoyed were birds that come in and wander the area, knowing this is a safe refuge.  It was neat to see so many birds up close and personal.

 Black Vulture
Barred Owl
Snowy Egret
Willet (we found this guy on the adjoining beach)
Baby Brown Pelican (looks like something from a Dinosaur movie)
We called this guy, Failure to Launch.  Notice the mother Brown Pelican is still babying this guy who is so much older than the one directly above.
Double Crested Cormorant, what a noise they can make!
Great Blue Heron
Black Crowned Night Heron
We went to visit this huge light display.  The lines were crazy and we left.
Not sure, we may return prior to New Years.
Weather here is great.  Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
Bob and Teri


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