Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Sam RV Rally at Atlanta Motor Speedway 10/15/13 - 10/21/13

We just completed our first RV Rally and it was both informative and a lot of fun.  We agreed that we would do a Rally again.  We met lots of really nice people.  Campers really are a great bunch!  We attended several classes and picked up all sorts of good tips.

We went to microwave cooking classes, a convection cooking class (now Teri wants to replace our microwave with a micro/convection oven in our rig), a class on our particular GPS (which takes in account the height, length and weight of our rig when routing), a class on tips to using Picasa, a few different classes on the best way to clean your rig, a class on using Velcro (kid you not, but new ideas), as well as some things on RV Full Timer insurance. Every class we went to, we brought back something new (some more new things than others).  We also did a couple of cooking classes with  Food Network host Bob Blummer.  You can check him out at: http://www.bobblumer.com/ While he was giving his presentation, he mentioned that he did another show where he got to ride his bike around the track at Daytona and wished he had his bike here.  So Bob Werner went up after the class and offered Teri's bike to Bob Blummer and the two of them rode the Atlanta Motor Speedway track (but not without security in their golf cart getting after them).  But once on the track, the only way off the track (by the time the security in his golf cart caught them in the opposite direction) was to complete the speedway lap.  Once told to get off the track, the two left security in their bike dust.....the security guard in his golf cart just could not keep up.

There was entertainment three of the evenings, including the Beach Boys, Vince Gill and the Vogues.  All were good, most especially Vince Gill and all nights, even with over 5,000 people in attendance, we had seats that were center within the first 3 rows.  And on the second night we were also treated to an amazing fireworks display.  During the day, we were entertained with the K9 Kings Dog Show.  http://www.k9kings.com/  Never a dull moment for sure.

We especially enjoyed visiting with Kathy and Joe and also Rich and Darla (and Pickles too...their Dachshund).  We would each head off for the day to classes, vendors and tours of the various new rigs and then compare notes with each other in the afternoons or evenings.  Rich even got himself a remote control helicopter with camera (warning for those who live next door to him).  For us it was a new flag pole (24 ft.) and a new, small vented Tupperware dish for the microwave.

We had 5 very full days and look forward to when we do the Rally thing again.

We are headed to Woodbine, GA for a few days as a stopover on our way to Orlando, FL where we will be for 2 weeks prior to shoving off on our cruise.

Mike Love
The Beach Boys
(sorry, cell phone quality just not the same)
Vince Gill
Bill Burkette
The Vogues
K9 Kings Dog Show
The Fireworks
Bob Finishes up
a Great Rally



  1. Cruise!? Are you cruising to the Bahamas again?

  2. Ashley, Sorry I missed seeing your comment. We went to Cozumel, Belize, Isle of Roatan and Grand Cayman. We will be taking a Bahamas Cruise in February 2014. How are things?