Saturday, June 14, 2014

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada June 9-13, 2014

We are headed to Chagrin Falls OH for a month to tend to family business. On our way to Ohio we took a few days and had a lovely visit to Niagara Falls.  We stayed on the Canadian side and traveled over to the US side one day, just to see the falls from a different viewpoint. 

We had read that Canada Customs for RV's could be more intensive, but  30 minutes while we waited behind the 'Yellow line' outdoors with Tiger seemed a little much to us.  They rummaged through our rig, truck and truck bed and of course found nothing.   And Bob and I sort of giggled as they asked us to put out the slides enough to walk though the rig but with the slides not fully extended, not all cabinets were accessible.  OK, we fully admit, we think this stuff way too much.  Seriously, 30 min, seemed excessive for some old folks in an RV.

It seems to rain here a bit and we were lucky, we thought, on our adventures, as we mostly caught the breaks between storms.  When we did get a little wet it was not bad as it was 70 degrees outside.

We did the tourist thing one day (Canadian side).  That consisted of the Horn Blower boat tour (pretty neat as they bring you right up to the base of the falls), the White Water Walk also really cool as we got to stroll along the class 6 water rapids that feed into the falls which was beautiful.  Our one day ticket also included the behind the falls tour - a tunnel that looks into the gushing white water (sort of a reminder of a snow filled TV screen in the day) and a 4 D movie of the falls (a simulated boat tour where you were both rained on and snowed on).  Both of these last tours were interesting in their own way but we would not, personally, pay to do these had they not been in a grouped ticket.  That said, they were both still enjoyable and wet.  Three of our four tours included disposable rain ponchos, aka plan to get wet. Our second adventure day in Canada included a walk along the falls with more photo ops.  While there we lucked upon the opportunity to see a "Stomp" show.  What a neat treat.  Stomp is a percussion/dance show with all sounds made from common things like brooms, pots, and plastic tubes.  If you are not familiar with Stomp check out this YouTube Video Stomp  We so enjoyed the show that day and we also got to view the Falls one more time.  We finished with a lovely Seaood brunch at the Canadian Casino with crab legs, raw oysters, shrimp, clams, salmon, sushi, and every seafood dish one could dream up- even seafood lasagna and lobster ravioli.  The food was quite good, most especially the Canadian Salmon. 

Spray of the Falls Water on the
Horn Blower Boat Tour
Class 6 Rapids-White Water Walk
Looking into the water fall from a tunnel
Behind the Falls Tour
Niagara Falls viewed from the Canada Side
Niagara Falls viewed from the Canada Side
Niagara Falls viewed from the Canada Side
Flowers along an Ontario sidewalk
A local Canadian Squirrel - Love that color
Niagara Falls viewed from the Peace Bridge
Niagara Falls viewed from the American Side
Niagara Falls viewed from the American Side
Niagara Falls viewed from the American Side

We are off  to Ohio for a bit of work.  We expect to be back on our traveling adventures around mid-July.

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