Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Port Huron, MI July 19, 2014

We were off for a day trip to Port Huron.  Port Huron, is the County seat of St. Clair, MI county.  The city lies at the southern end of Lake Huron and is the most eastern point of land in Michigan.  Across the shores one sees Point Edward, Ontario, Canada.

Our first stop was to see the Knowlton Ice Museum.  Mickey (Norman) Knowlton with his wife spent over 40 years traveling the nation, collecting just about anything you can imagine from the Ice industry. The ice harvest industry flourished from the early 1800's-early 1900's.  The museum had a wonderful video with real footage from the early 1900's when ice was harvested from great lakes and packed in sawdust and shipped by rail and by boat as far as India.  Sort of an amazing feat when you watch and think about it.  We met the granddaughter of Mickey (Mickey sadly had died, at age 95, one week earlier).  She had so many stories to tell of her grandfather, his life and his passions.  It was a heartfelt and informative visit.  This museum, which started out as a hobby for Mickey, is one of the largest collections of ice tools and implements in the country.  A short history of the museum can be read here:Knowlton Ice Museum

While in Port Huron, we also went to see Fort Gratiot Lighthouse which was constructed in 1829.  It was the first lighthouse in the state of Michigan.  The lighthouse is still active and it is the oldest surviving lighthouse in the state of Michigan.

Our new cuisine enjoyment in Port Huron was fried dill pickles with maple syrup.  We were surprised by the interesting taste the maple syrup provided and would have them again.

Ice Box
Various Ice Tools
Cost of ice
Grocery store ice box
Ice plows for harvesting
Ice cube maker
Fort Gratiot Lighthouse


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