Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fort Stockton, Texas 4/24-27/2015

Fort Stockton the weekend we were there was having the Big Bend Open Road Race.Big Bend Race The race is 59 miles each way,  from Fort Stockton, TX to Sanderson, TX and back.  It takeses place along US HWY 285. There are various classes including unlimited speeds and various touring speeds.  Those in the various touring speed classes attempt to complete the course at an average speed,  It seemed amazing to us that the completions for these were within hundreths of a second even in the 150 MPH class. 

While in Fort Stockton we also visited the Historic Fort Stockton, the  Annie Riggs Memorial Museum and various other sites along their driving tour.

Historic Fort Stockton was established as a fort in 1858.  The post protected travelers heading west from San Antonio, Texas.  The US Army withdrew from Fort Stockton during the Civil War and in 1861 the fort was abandoned.  In 1867 the fort would be re-established with 4 companies of the 9th Cavalry.  The post war fort would be occupied for 19 more years, with it being abandoned once more in 1886.  Company punishment could be severe, as shown in the pictures below.

The Annie Riggs Memorial museum we visited is housed in what was originally a hotel and boarding house, run by a woman of the same name.  The museum with its 13 rooms included a recreated parlor, kitchen and other artifacts from the area.

We finished our visit with the Fort Stockton Driving Tour.  Included along the tour are 17 local sites and buildings.  We show you the Episcopal Church and the Courthouse.

A Big Bend Open Road Contestant
 Historic Fort Stockton

 Historic Fort Stockton
Historic Fort Stockton
1957 Working Coca-Cola Machine
Annie Riggs Memorial Museum
Note the knob in the middle that is slid to the right
to expose the real key hole
Annie Riggs Memorial Museum
Large Fan for the Ladies Made of Feathers
Annie Riggs Memorial Museum
St. Stephens Episcopal Church established 1896
Fort Stockton Driving Tour
Pecos County Courthouse established 1875

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