Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lake Charles, Louisiana 4/28/15 - 5/3/15

Lake Charles, Louisiana was home to us for over five years.  We detoured through the area to see our son Ryan who still lives and works there.  We spent the time visiting and crabbing with him, seeing old friends and touring the area.  We were quite impressed with the direction that the city has taken. There is now a beautiful dock down at the boardwalk and the downtown area has many new shops and restaurants.  There are a couple of new casinos and we enjoyed being treated to dinner at the L'auberge casino by the family Ryan is working with.  The L'auberge is a beautiful casino and we felt that it fit into the local flavor much better than the Golden Nugget which is next door. L'auberge has even built a beach area and lazy river for those warm 'Lazyana' days.We had alligator sausages downtown one day while there and our good friend Trudy treated us to a good o'le fashioned craw fish boil too.  Lake Charles holds good memories for us and we enjoyed our short time there.

Alligator Etouffee Sausage
An Evening stroll near the Boardwalk
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Our Blue Crab Catch
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Trudy and Ryan Are Getting Ready
To Put In The Craw Fish
Lake Charles, Louisiana

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