Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Five Islands, Nova Scotia 8/20-25/2015

Five Islands while we were here was both hot and humid, with rain as well.  We have been blessed with such wonderful weather on our Canada adventure that we did not complain.  Five islands was our last chance to once again experience the incredible Fundy Tidal Bore before leaving Nova Scotia, and Experience we did.

We also headed out one day to visit the Ottawa House.  The Ottawa house was the summer home of Sir Charles Tupper.  He was an accomplished pharmacist, physician and one of the fathers of Confederation.  The house was named Ottawa house because  Dr. Tupper was the Prime Minister of Canada whose Capital is Ottawa.The house, amazingly enough, was built in 1770. Tupper owned the house from 1871-1895.  He was an interesting fellow as is the house.  More can be read at Ottawa House for those that are interested.  When we visited the house it was undergoing renovations, but still interesting to see.  At the Ottawa house they also had a Mi'kmau display.  Their alphabet sort of reminded us of Hawaii's alphabet as in words need to be long due to the limited letters available.  

Lighthouses.  We visited two while here.  But it seems the lighthouses get moved occasionally, due to erosion.  

We also visited FORCE (Fundy Ocean Research Center) while here.  They are doing some cutting  edge things to harness the energy from the Tidal Bore.  In general we found that Nova Scotia is doing great things to harness both wind and water for energy.  Those further interested in FORCE we will direct to their website at: FORCE

On the morning of our move day, we were so blessed to see a local Bald Eagle.  He was so close, but we respected his home and did not approach, not wanting to spook him.  We hope you enjoy the distant picture just the same.

High Tide at our Campsite
Low Tide at our Campsite
Tidal Bore in Action Once Again-
Still Amazing
The Ottawa House Circa 1770
The Ottawa House
The Ottawa House
Five Islands Lighthouse
Lighthouse Near Five Island
What a special treat, taken from our campsite
the morning we were leaving.
Sorry the picture is a ways off, but Teri was trying to
respect HIS (the eagle's) home and not scare him.

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