Sunday, May 15, 2016

Casa del Bientiempo (House of Good Times)- We Are All Moved in and Our Home is Coming Together

We are finally fairly settled into our new home.  It is nice to have our favorite things incorporated into our home, have new friends to share life with and so many activities, that it is often hard to choose between so many things we want to do.  Bob is golfing every week and Teri plans to take lessons when we return from our travels this summer.  It will be a bit hard to leave all this behind this summer, especially because it is getting to be real pool weather and we have been really enjoying our pool.  But there are still many places we want to travel to so we are off on our adventures in about a month.

We are headed to West Point, NY for a family reunion.  From there this year we plan to head to Newfoundland, with plans to travel through the entire island over a period of two months.  We plan to be back to posting on our blog during our travels, so stay tuned as more pictures and narration on our travels are soon to come.

In the meantime, we are posting a few pictures of our new home, after we have made this truly our home.  Enjoy the pictures.  We so love it here and love our new home too.

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