Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hershey PA 6/30/2106- Day Two

On our last day in Hershey PA  we went to the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum.  Their collection is impressive and while we have been to several automobile museum, this one has many things we have never seen, including the Benton Harbor, Tucker and several old buses.  The variety in the museum is extensive and besides the types of vehicles shown below also included scooters, electrics bicycles vehicle accessories and ornaments.  The museum contained a lot of information. We have tried to show the make of the vehicles shown to allow the reader to research further if they are interested to do so.  We leave in the morning for West Point NY.

1895 Benton Harbor
Oldest Operating Automobile Built in America
Likely the First Automobile Built in Michigan
1910 Otto
1913 Ford
Model T
'C' Cab Delivery Van
1910 Brush
Model D
Car was fitted with coil springs at all four corners and
wooden axles and wooden frame..
1905 Cadillac Model E
Cadillac pioneered the interchangeability of parts
prior to the Ford Assembly Line
1929 Ford
Model A Roadster
This particular vehicle was purchased in 1929
by Frank Hartmaier.  He drove this car his entire life.
(Over 400,000 miles)
Upon Frank's death, it was willed to the museum and arrived in 2008
1927 Ford Model T
Runabout Pickup
1930 Du Pont
Model G
1948 Tucker
1964 Land Rover
Model 109 Dormobile
These were camper conversions.

1929 Stearns-Knight Model 6-S
These vehicles were 5 X the cost of a Ford Model T
1914 Stearns-Knight
Model SK6
Used Sleeve Valve Engine
1948 Tucker
These were prefabricated, delivered on a flatbed,
and arrived ready to start business, dishes and all
This diner served 10 people total
We sat on the bus that Forrest Gump
waved goodbye to his beloved Jenny
(Tom Hanks was not present today)
1912 White Truck
This is the oldest running motor coach
in the world.  It has flame lit headlights,
solid rubber tires and a hand
crank for starting.
1951 Checker
(Same company as the Taxi Cab)
1929 Yellow Coach

1927 Fageol
2500 were built, and only 5 are known to still exist

 Greyhound had the double decker scenic bus
Trailways to stay competitive made buses with full services
found only on airlines.
This driver and hostess worked together,
later married and finish their career working the same
bus together
Yep...that is Herbie, The Love Bug
Walt Disney had 11 of these built to shoot the movie.
This is car #10.  Only 3 are known to still exist today.

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