Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Knowlton, WI 8/7/14 - 8/11/14

On Wisconsin, on Wisconsin plunge right through that line!
Yes we have made it to Wisconsin.

Yet, before getting to Wisconsin, we drove us, the Tiger and our rig to see the Bond Falls in Michigan as we had heard they are not to be missed, and after seeing them, we agree.

Our first stop in Wisconsin, after setting up our rig of course, was to give our new truck it's first service.  We were camping in Knowlton, yet had to drive to Wausau, WI to service the truck. Yes, she passed with flying colors and we are so enjoying her.

After servicing the truck we decided to go and see the Leigh Yawkey Woodson museum in Wausau and also go into town for lunch.  The Docent at the museum was sweet to talk with and the art within the museum interesting as well.  There was a 'print' art display while we were there that we found quite interesting.  Our favorite part of the museum, was probably the sculptures in the garden, however. Leigh Yawkey website for more info Lunch was at a downtown Pizza place named Politos.  We were feeling adventurous and because they sell by the slice we were able to try several adventurous flavors.  We ordered, to split:

Hawaiian Pizza - Sweet Baby Ray's, BBQ sauce, bacon, red onion, garlic chicken, and a two-cheese blend
Steak & Fries - White American, sliced beef, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and topped with crispy French fries.

and a pulled pork pizza that I could not find on their regular menu.  All were so wonderful!

In fact, Teri plans to add BBQ sauce to her home cooked Hawaiian pizzas in the future.

While in Knowlton we also did the local Log Jam Festival.  Not a lot to see at the festival except that the chain saw artist demonstration by Danczyk Woodcraft was incredible and made our day.  It was so incredible to witness what he created with a chainsaw!  See the transformation below.  Staying to completion would have been about 2 hours.  We did not stay for the bear completion, but posted his owl completed work.

We finished off Knowlton with a great bike ride at the George Mead Wildlife area and a shopping visit to a local cheese factory.  It was a peaceful ride, a beautiful day and the 10 year aged white cheddar (from the cheese factory) we are still enjoying.

Bond Falls
Bond Falls
Simon Gudgeon English 1958 -
Woodson museum
 Boys Will Be Boys
Dan Ostermiller 1956
The chainsaw carving demonstration
The chainsaw carving transformation
The chainsaw carving transformation
The chainsaw carving transformation
The chainsaw carving transformation
The chainsaw carving transformation
Finished Owl
George Mead Wildlife area Bike Ride


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