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Springfiled, IL 8/25/14

We only had one day to spend in Springfield, IL.  It was a very hot day, but we decided to head out early.  Our day was so interesting and of course we finished it off with local food fair that we deemed Drunch (Dinner and Lunch), doing the local Horseshoe dish . 

We first visited Lincoln's Home along with his neighborhood that has been wonderfully preserved, wood sidewalks and all.   After Lincoln's home and neighborhood we went to the Lincoln Museum and Library, the old State Capitol and also the new State Capitol.  It really was a wonderful and informative day, despite the heat.

Lincoln's home was one of the best preserved sites we have seen to date, furniture and such.  The home has a lot of the furnishings and other items that the Lincoln family actually used.  We so enjoyed climbing the stairs and holding the same handrail that Lincoln held.  We learned a lot while in Springfield about the Lincoln family, including how they lost 3 of their four children in such a short time losing sons at ages 4, 11 and 18. Their first born, Robert, amazingly lived until age 82.  But while so many talk of Mary Lincoln's insanity, we could not help but wonder how losing 3 children and then the tragic gun shot to her husband would effect most.  We learned a lot about how Abe was self taught in basically all of his education.  While not specifically a huge supporter, or non-supporter for that matter, of freeing the slaves, he was all about saving the Union, any way possible.  Amazingly, we learned how a young girl wrote him a letter explaining how women love whiskers, which he appears to have taken head to.  Prior to the White House, Lincoln was clean shaven.  And, he was the first president to sport a beard. One thing we have especially enjoyed, is each time we visit a museum that addresses Lincoln, we get a fuller understanding of this complex man. We learned on this trip how his views on slavery seemed to have evolved over time.  It was also interesting to hear about what a permissive parent Abe was.  His children, it seems were allowed to run wild in his law offices.

The Lincoln Museum is one of the best museums we have been to, to date.  If you are near, be sure to visit.  Besides doing a good job of covering Lincoln, it is one of the best, up to date, technology wise, museums we have been to.  Their various Holographic theaters were wonderful as were their presentation of Lincoln's life.  We headed across the street to see a local special Steven Spielberg movie set display of the Lincoln movie.  From there we went by the two Capitols (Springfield's old and new Capitols).

The Old Springfield Capitol was used from 1839-1876.  Amazingly enough this was Illinois's 5th state Capitol.  Lincoln, however, tried many cases here and also delivered his famous House Divided Speech here. House Divided Speech

The New State Capitol building is impressive and for those interested, can be explored further at: IL State Capitol

As mentioned, we partook in the local Horseshoe fair.  Wow, while very un- healthy they were tasty.  Like glad we do not live here. Horseshoe_sandwich

We headed out to Lake of the Ozarks, MO from Springfield.  We chose to take the back roads and stumbled upon a pleasant surprise.  The Pike County Courthouse built in 1894 but was also the site of one the senatorial campaign speeches in 1858 (Lincoln vs. Douglas).  We took a short moment to go inside and found the inside to be absolutely beautiful!  We are always amazed at what we sometimes simply stumble upon.

The Lincoln Home
Formal Lincoln Parlor with
Original Horsehair Furniture
Lincoln Formal Parlor
Mr.. Lincoln's Bedroom with more horse hair funiture
Mr. Lincoln's Bedroom Desk
Mary Lincoln's Bedroom
The Lincoln Family Sitting Room
Dormer Windows in Lincoln House
Huge in Aiding in Ventilation
as there was no electricity in this home
Lincoln Hired Girl's Room
Lincoln Stove
Lincoln Museum (no pics other than this allowed)
Lincoln Spielberg Movie Set
Old Illinois State Capitol
New Illinois State Capitol
Pike County Court House
Pike County Court House Interior
Pike County Court House Interior

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