Friday, November 7, 2014

Las Vegas and Valley of Fire State Park, NV 10/21/13 - 11/4/14

Las Vegas is always good for great food and entertainment.  Not a place that either of us wants to spend a lot of time in but we do enjoy good food and great entertainment.  While here we went to the Cirque Du Soleil Love (Beatles) and also Carrot Top shows.  Both were very good, but so far KA and Mystere (in that order) are our favorites. We have some favorite restaurants that we always return to (if we can get in).  Bachi Burger is on the list for sure

From Las Vegas We headed to another favorite of ours, Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.  The rocks in Valley of Fire State Park are spectacular.  Our campsite was huge and the views from within our rig and outside in our camp chairs were some of the best.  The sunset pictures within were taken from our campsite.

We included a picture of our new (as of May) truck just because with the rocks in the background, it just seemed like a good time to give her the attention she deserves for taking us to such exciting places.

While here Bob biked every morning among these beautiful rocks and the two of us hiked several hikes.  It is amazing how much the rocks change in color, shape and design as you hike throughout the park.  We did two new trails this trip and some of our old favorites.  The highlight of this trip for sure was running up on the Big Horn sheep.  It is a real treat to get to see these beautiful animals in the wild as they normal stay high in the hills out of view and are only seen when they are migrating at lower levels.  Hiking through the slot canyon was a treat also and of course we always enjoy the petroglyphs.

Our Truck who does us well

 These Formations are called Beehives
A Nice Arch

 Sunset at the Campsite
 Sunset at the Campsite
 Sunset at the Campsite
 Remnants of the 1965 Movie set 'The Professionals'
While filming is still allowed in the park
it is now only allowed without altering
the park's natural beauty
Nice Slot Canyon
Fire Wave Trail
The various black pebbles seemed
so out of place to us

 Big Horn Sheep
 Big Horn Sheep
Males have the huge horns, females have
small hooks for horns


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