Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sedona, AZ 11/19/14-12/1/14

Sedona was planned as a chill and hang point.  But, as has proved true before, we always find cool things to see and do.

  • We hiked the Devil's Bridge
  • Teri took some classes at the park on how to post a map and has since done that (as in check out the tab button at the top of the blog entitled Interactive maps).  Also, captions on the pictures are now included when you expand the thumbnail, however, sort of small when you just view on the blog.  One of those you can't have your cake and eat it too.
  • We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner joined by Jean and John (new RV friends)
  • We washed and waxed our rig (not so fun, but part of this adventure)
  • We toured the eclectic/ antique shops of Cottonwood ( a lot of fun) and
  • We hiked some really cool Indian ruins and on our last day.
  • Never forget the eats.... (after Thanksgiving) we smoked a Turkey and we also visited Simon's hot dogs.  We had been to Simon's before and our return visit is something we were looking forward to.   
  • Sedona, while planned as a way point, it turned out to be somewhere that we did so much more than we planned.

Devil' Bridge:  So past Teri's comfort zone, as she does not like heights.  But we both pushed on and were glad that we did.  To see what she pushed though (1/4 mile of this) check on this link Devils Bridge steps.  Teri was too into the task at hand to take pictures of the climb.  Devil's Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area. While beautiful, for those not liking heights, it is an accomplishment, beautiful (and worth it), yet a bit scary.

Our trip into historic Cottonwood was a lot of fun.  We went through many combination eclectic/antique shops.  The things we saw!  We had a nice lunch and this adventure entertained us for hours.

We took one day to see the Palaki Ruins and the Honanki Ruins.  Getting there involved 20 miles of unpaved roads out and back.  This is not Bob's favorite thing to do (the dirt roads) but he was a trooper and wow, what cool ruins we saw.

We hiked the areas of two well preserved Indian Ruins.  The Palaki Ruins are an area that was inhabited by many civilizations. Some of the rock scratchings date back as far as 6,000 BCE, and no that is not a typo.  The Sinagua people, most represented, are believed to have been here 1100-1400 CE.  From the Palaki Ruins we continued up another 7 plus miles of dirt roads to reach the Honanki Ruins.  The pictographs in the caves here date back to about 2000BCE.  The Sinagua lived here from 900-1300CE. This sight also has many pictographs done by both the Yavapai and the Apache from 1400-1875 CE.  We found it amazing that these treasures have survived for so long for all of us to enjoy.

We can not mention Sedona without mentioning Simon's hotdogs.  We first met Simon about 4 years ago.  He is the nicest guy.  Teri loves his Colombian dog which consists of a beef hot dog, special sauce, pineapple, cheese and potato chips on top.  Simon tells us in Columbia, this dog also has a quail's egg on top.  Bob is a Wunderhund dog kind of guy.  We were treated to Simon's twice while we were here.  His menu is fun: Simons menu

We are off to Winter in Mesa, AZ until May 1!  Like wow, a very long time for us.  Our posts may be fewer, but hang in there.  While in AZ we have some cool trips planned, like stay tuned.  :-)


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