Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island 6/19-29/2015

With the first mode of transportation being by the sea on Prince Edward Island, lighthouses, were instrumental to boat traffic safety in the early days on the island.  First generation lighthouses (prior to 1873) are octagonal in shape.  Second generation lighthouses are square tapered.  While on the island we climbed to the top of 3 of the lighthouses.  Unlike the US lighthouses we have been in, many of these lighthouses had regular stairs with light-keeper's quarters within the body of the lighthouse, mid-way up to the top.  All are located along beautiful coastal locations.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse 1864
East Point Lighthouse 1867
 Shipwreck Point Lighthouse 1967
North Cape Lighthouse 1866
Point Prim Lighthouse 1846
Oldest Lighthouse on PEI
 View from top of Point Prim Lighthouse

Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters
Point Prim Lighthouse
 North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse 1876
 Seacow Head Lighthouse 1864
Seacow Lighthouse 2
 Souris East Lighthouse 1880
Leard's Back Range Lighthouse
Victoria, PEI
Leards Front Range Lighthouse
Victoria, PEI

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